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Our Brews

Standard Brews

Beer Name Alcohol Description
Chilli Beer 4.5% Classic Australian bitter. Medium amber colour with a mild chilli bite.
Chocolate Beer 5.0% English style brown ale with savoury chocolate aroma and taste.
Dark Roast Wheat Beer 4.2% Made with 100% wheat grains. Dark amber colour with coffee like flavours.
Dirty Dan's Dark Delight 7.9% Rich smokey stout with a dark roast coffee bean flavour.
Pharaoh's Spelt Beer* 4.0% Cloudy style wheat beer made with unmalted spelt wheat, mandarine peel and Munich malt.
Strawberry Blonde 6.7% Pale ale brewed with real strawberries with a tart strawberry finish.
Summer Gold'n Larger 3.0% A cold fermented Oktoberfest-style lager.
Twisted Lemon Larger 6.4% Australian dry pale ale, made with lemon and honey. A crisp refreshing finish.
Yallingup Old 5.5% Dark amber ale with malty flavours and toffee aromas.


Drink Name Alcohol Description
Apple Cider* 5.9% Refreshing, all natural and unfiltered dry apple cider.
Pear Cider* 4.5% All natural and unfiltered that's fruity and spritzy.

Flavoured Wine Drinks

Drink Name Alcohol Description
Ginger Beer 4.5% Old fashion-style and refreshingly spicy.
Kick'n Kolé 4.5% Creamy alcoholic soda with caramel and vanilla flavours.
Mango Madness 4.5% Sparkling beverage with real tropical fruit flavours.
Old Pa's Sars 4.5% A creamy liquorice soda sensation.
Passionfruit 4.5% The adult version of that old soft drink favourite.
Scream'n Cream'n 4.5% Creamy alcoholic soda with raspberry and vanilla flavours.

* Pharaoh's Spelt Beer and Apple & Pear Ciders are seasonal and may not always available.

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Australian International Beer Awards 2010 Silver Award Winner
Australian International Beer Awards 2010
Chocolate Beer, Strawberry Blonde & Dark Roast Wheat Beer

Please note that our beers are naturally conditioned in the bottle.
A living yeast culture in the brew preserves the beer without
refrigeration or the addition of an artificial preservative.
This means that you will find a small amount of sediment in each bottle, a slight
flavour change and a higher alcohol percentage to what you try on tap.



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